More Resistance, Focus, Immediate Recovery - Biotechnological device for sport

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T-NES POWER is a biotechnological adhesive device (dim 6x7 cm) that improves the conduction of electrical signals among nerve, muscle and vascular cells. The materials of which it is composed (nanotechnologies) are appropriately treated with a patented technology, in order to transfer very thin Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) magnetoelectric signal. Thanks to our biotechnology, the electrical signals in the body are conducted in a more homogeneous and orderly way, giving excellent effects on muscle contraction, recovery and focus. The results are: strong decrease in heart rate under stress in real time and lower production of lactate in real time. The device is applied to healthy skin anywhere on the body; it works globally, thanks to the direct action on electricity, which in the human body runs at 400m / sec; in a short time, 10 minutes, the body prepare itself according to the stimulus of the device and is ready to train. Immediate benefits, starting from the first application. 100% made in Italy. It does not release chemicals drugs or substances. Each box contains 8 devices that deliver (only in contact with the skin) for 48h each.
More performancemore_performance
More resistance
, thanks to more ATP and better contraction of the muscles, among muscle groups agonists and antagonists.
Immediate recovery, during the training and among sessions, thanks to better oxygenation and disposal of metabolic waste.
More focus and communication between brain and muscles, thanks to the better conducted nerve stimulation.
Research_and_resultsResearch and results
T-NES POWER is a biotechnological device designed by Italian researchers, manifactured in Italy. The device has been tested by Department of General Medicine, Haybusak University, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, Department of Biomedical and Biotechnology, University of Catania, Catania, Italy. Scientific Institutes of Hospitalization and Care (IRCCS), Rome, Italy; Department of Biology, University of Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy; Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University S. Raffaele, Rome, Italy. Research Link
t-nes-power-effetti-collateraliAre there any contraindications?
Pregnancy , hyper sensitivity to silver, pacemakers, tumors;
- Devices should not be used in people who have skin infections because they may irritate the skin more;
- No harmful or delayed side effects were found;
- Do not exceed 5 hours per day of high intensity training;
- Do not suddenly increase the workload during training.
- Do not use more than one device at a time.
utilizzo-tnes-powerHow to use T-NES POWER?
Apply the device on a body area that is minimally sweating, for example the shoulder or gluteus. Apply 10 minutes before the performance and keep for the next 48 hours. A good warm up is indicated. It does not interact with water or sunlight, so you can keep it in the shower and under the sun. For an optimal result we recommend the use of 2 devices (such as Monday and Thursday) per week for a period of 8 weeks, then four weeks off and start a new cycle.

Does the device suffer from external noice (cell phone, Wi-Fi, electromagnetic fields)?
No, it doesn't, because our technology makes it possible to stabilize the signal emitted by the device.        
Is the device powered by electricity? No, energy comes directly from the nanomaterials.

About us
T-NES (New Era Sport Technologies) is an Italian research and development company, working with qualified researchers (physicists, biologists, engineers, computer scientists and doctors), who share a passion for studying the hidden part of cells, or the physical part, in short, improving the quality of life of people. In addition to the profession of researchers, some are practicing sports.
The idea of ​​T-NES POWER was born to optimize the metabolic processes in sports performance, in order to improve results while safeguarding health. The researchers of T-NES dealing with biophysics and biotechnology asked themselves some questions, trying to give answers: can we modulate the electrical signals of the cells with an external device that is easy to use, portable?
By adjusting the electrical signals could the chemical processes be optimized for a better performance?
This gave rise to our devices, which use physical impulses to work on the cell.
T-NES looks to the future looking for concrete answers to improve the performance of sports people, professionals and non-professionals.
Giovanbattsta Venditti, rugby champion and Emanuele Caloisi, CrossFit coach, testify to their experience of sportsmen using T-NES POWER!
Emanule Caloisi coach crossfit è testimonial di t-nes power
Giambattista Venditti, è testimoniale di t-nes

What does T-NES POWER do?
More resistance under stress;
better oxygenation;
recovery in real time, better absorption of nutrients and disposal of catabolytes;
best focus.
With T-NES POWER, your performance exceeds that mental limit that influences performance.
- Immediate benefits, starting from the first application.
- The device is used on healthy skin.

Each box contains 8 biotechnological devices that are easy to use, as a patch, for just € 44.90

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